About Whitney Paige Kershaw


Hi Iʼm Whitney, wife to a fabulous husband who is a coach and middle school math teacher (bless him). We met in the big “D” and yes I do mean Dallas. We married in July of 2012 and moved to Perryton in August, knowing I would someday open my own boutique. Together we have 3 children, Addison, Lydia, and Cooper. The Kershaw Kids have us running on fumes, but we are still running!
I am a Christian woman and LOVE more than anything to watch my babies learn and be excited about Jesus. I am the youngest daughter of Rory and Denise Wilmoth, the two crazies who opened Expressions umpteen years ago. I guess you could say my passion for retail started as a small child. My sister and I were at the store almost every day for most of our lives and without even realizing it, I was slowly falling in love with the business. It wasnʼt until later I grew a liking to the fashion world. I started a job as a manager of a boutique in Dallas and loved everything about it. I loved the operation side of the business, the people and the clothes of course!
It was a no brainer that this is exactly what I wanted for a career, but just in a boutique of my own! In September of 2013 Whitney Paige was officially opened for business! It was an indescribable feeling and we had a knockout year! In 2014 I found out I was pregnant! Yay! That came with sickness I wasnʼt prepared for. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. If you donʼt know what this is donʼt feel bad, no one really does. Thanks to Princess Kate for bringing light to the rare sickness. Too bad we couldnʼt have been throw up buddies. Anywho...Not being able to go to work every day and being in and out of the hospital took a toll on the business. Addison was born and things slowly started to get back to normal, then 12 months later I was pregnant again and sick. The summer of 2016 was when the decision to close the doors on WP and move over to Expressions was made. It was the best decision Iʼve ever made! Little did I know, God would bless us with a 3rd child in 2018!
I am so blessed to have such supporting parents and to believe in me so much they moved their entire store around to fit my dream inside! So for now....and maybe forever....this is where Whitney Paige resides, inside Expressions.