Digital 4 Probe Remote Thermometer
Digital 4 Probe Remote Thermometer
Digital 4 Probe Remote Thermometer

Digital 4 Probe Remote Thermometer

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  • Comes with 4 water-resistant probes, and rated 716 degrees F for a professional grilling experience
  • Can monitor the temperature and receive alerts as far as 500 feet away
  • New INSTA-SYNC operating system allows for faster processing and fewer connection drops
  • Has a simple operating system so the user can focus on entertaining guests and not worry about the device
  • Set different probes to HIGH or LOW alarms for accurate readings

The XR-50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer is a great addition to the XR series, maintaining and optimizing the capabilities of the thermometer. Alerts for the portable receiver can reach distances up to 500 feet away, making it the longest range on the market for thermometers. The probes are rated for 716 degrees F (380 degrees C), water-resistant, and comes with four (4) total meat probes. The user can set the alarms to HIGH or LOW for different situations during the cooking process. The INSTA-SYNC user interface makes both the thermometer and the portable receiver very user friendly, so the cook can focus on entertaining their guests and not have to worry about messing with the thermometer. The LCD has a backlight that shows all the information for each probe individually. For this XR model, the connection speed is faster and has reduced connection drops, along with better data packet transmission. The mounting options for both devices are a stand, clip for hanging, and a magnet on the back of the device.